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This stop was one of those times I have tried to find a place from my childhood. Nearly 50 years earlier, my family was taking a whirlwind tour of the American West. The result of that tour was that I have lived two thirds of my life west of the Mississippi. On the day in question, we were going from Mesa Verde National Park to Grand Canyon National Park taking the shortest route, US 160. My father informs me that the road was unpaved then. My wife and I were making the reverse trip and I thought I would try to find this place where we had stopped for lunch. At that time, it was called Elephant Feet Camp Ground, today there is no sign marking it. There was a picnic table here, but no more. I do remember my mother making lunch. Being from the east, these events were unusual enough to stick in my mind. First, it was so dry that the bread instantly turned into toast. Being July, it was so hot that the margerine turned liquid as soon as it was removed from the cooler. I won't mention the potted meat.Today, it is just a pull out along side the road. I really didn't expect to be able to find it as we were not only going the other direction, but I thought that the road would have been moved during the intervening years. It brought back memories.

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